The Sea to Summit Triathlon is an Iron-caliber/ partially self supported race consisting of a 1.5 mile-ish swim, 95+ mile bike ride and strenuous 5.5 mile run up the “most dangerous” mountain in the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, Mt. Washington. The race starts at  5:00AM on Saturday, June 24th, 2017 at Vaughn Woods State Park adjacent to the Scenic Hamilton House (note this is a change back to the 2015 race start format)

This is not a race for beginners. Participation of a minimum of one half ironman distance race  or equivalent race is required  for entry into Sea to Summit 2.0. Athletes must have completed a 1/2 IM event in under 6 hours or an Iron-distance event in under 13 hours. The Race Director has the ability to let others in if he feels they have a good chance of making the cut off times.

Sea to Summit 2.0 was developed for those  looking for a new and unique challenge. It's about standing at sea level and 7-12 hours later standing at the top of the highest point in the Northeast. This is an intimate race, with a limited field size of pre-qualified athletes.

There is no rain date and race managment reserves the right to modify or shorten the race course in case of inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances; and to accept or reject any entry. No transfers or substitutions will be allowed. There will be no teams allowed and the mininum age of entry is 18.

Race Info

Sea to summit 2.0: June 24, 2017