Cyclists must obey all traffic signals as they would on a training ride in their quest  to the Wildcat Ski Area parking lot transition area.  VERY IMPORTANT. Sherpas MUST find locations to park their cars enroute that do not inhibit traffic or the cyclists themselves. There are many parking lots along the way....use them. Sherpas should drive well ahead, park their car well off the road, then locate the safest location (ideally when the cyclist is going up hill) to hand food or drink to their athlete. Do not hand food or drink out of a car window. This will disqualify your athlete from the race for eternity.

Please be aware, you MUST arrive at the second transition area by 1:00 PM (note this is 30 minutes faster than last year). Under no circumstances will the athlete be allowed to proceed up the mountain if they do not make the cut off time. Should they proceed up the mountain after this time, they will be doing it on their own, and are in a direct violation of the safety rules of the race.  You will be putting yourself and the people who may have to rescue you in grave danger as you may not summit before dark. The conditions on the summit can be extreme (100+ MPH winds and sub freezing temperatures even in June). Hundreds have died on Mount Washington in the past from exposure. We will also have a trained professional to access your physical condition when they get off their bike. Should they feel they are unable to go further they will not be able to continue up the mountain.

 Bike Route 

-Left on Old Fields Road out of Vaughn Woods State Park 

-Bear Right onto Brattle Street. 

-Left on Route 236 (warning: you are crossing traffic here)

-Right on Route 4/236 through downtown South Berwick    

-Bear left on Route 236 towards Berwick ME, Rochester, NH   Follow to Downtown Berwick and take a left at the light on Route 9 (warning: you are crossing traffic here) 

-Take a Right onto Rochester street. (know this turn well as it can be a bit confusing)  

-Stay on Rochester Street (it will turn into Salmon Falls Road) all the way to Route 125 in Rochester. 

-Take a right on Route 125 (Milton Road)  In Union 125 merges with 153. You will cross over Route 16 at a light. VERY dangerous intersection here.  

-Follow Route 153 to where it crosses 25.

Take a left onto 153/25 for a short time Conway (warning: you are crossing traffic here) 

Take a Right on Route 153  (Eaton Road)  An aid Station will be ahead on this route.  

-In Conway, NH go straight across Main Street to Washington Street and quickly bear left onto West Side Road. (watch out for train crossing on this road...dont try and go around the barrier if it comes down. Its just a race. The train is quick so wait for it.  

-At stop sign take a Rt on River Road  Take a left on Route 16/302 at the light (warning: you are crossing traffic here).  

-Take a right on Route 16 (Story land will be coming up on your right)  

-Follow Route 16 to Wildcat Ski Area on your right. 

 Run up mountain

Schedule of Events

Friday, June 23th, 2017
4:00 - 5:30 PM - Packet Pickup
5:30 - 6:15 PM- Mandatory Pre-race Meeting on the Vaughn Woods grounds.

Saturday, June 24th, 2017  
3:45 AM - Transition Area Opens, Vaughn Woods grounds    
5:00 AM - Race Start                  
1:00 PM - Bike Cutoff at Wildcat Ski Area 
3:00 PM - Food Service Begins (buffet style turkey dinner)
4:30 Awards Ceremony                 
5:00 PM - End of Race
5:30 PM - Food Service Ends
6:00 PM - We all go home.

General Info

The Sea to Summit Triathlon is an Iron-distance caliber/ partially self supported race consisting of a 1.5 mile-ish swim, 95+ mile bike ride and strenuous 5 mile hike/scramble/run up the “most dangerous mountain in the East", Mt. Washington. There is a limited field size. The race starts at 5:00AM on Saturday, June 24, 2017  Vaughn Woods State Park in South Berwick, Maine (note this is different than last year but right next door). There is no rain date and race mangement reserves the right to modify or shorten the race course in case of inclement weather or unforseen circumstances and to accept or reject any entry. No transfers or substitutions will be allowed. There will be no teams allowed and the mininum age of entry is 18. You must have done at least 1/2 Ironman race or equivalent race (time wise) to qualify for entry into the Sea to Summit. It is recommended you should have finished that race in 6 hours or less. If you have completed an Ironman race, you should have done it in under 13 hours. That being said, if you want to read some race reports go to the race review section of the website. 


Athletes start with a 1.5 mile cold water swim. This swim may be shortened or lengthened to adapt to the change in tidal current in the lower part of the Salmon Falls River. Wetsuits are recommended.  The water is roughly 12% salt and 88% fresh at this point in the river and is very clean although braxish and not clear, especially with low light. The water temperature is variable. One year the start was 72 and the turnaround was 58. The swim will be an out and back with just one wave. The exit to the swim will be muddy and rocky with a steep but manageable accent onto a wooded be prepared. This is not your traditional carpeted Ironman swim exit.

Transition 1

Upon exiting the water the transition will be a 800 meter run through well marked trails to the bike racks in an adjacent field. You may have a pair of running shoes awaiting you upon exiting the swim. Some wear shoes others do not, but know you are running over roots and pine needles.

FACEBOOK: For more information and pictures of the race go to our FACEBOOK page. PAGE.

Transition 2

The second transition will be located in the parking lot at Wildcat Ski Area. We will have flag wavers to show you were to go. Your Sherpa will have driven ahead and will be waiting for you to take your bike and exchange your gear. The Sherpa will have already checked your pack with our attendant (see contents in the RUN/HIKE section) and verified the safety contents within it.

Run / Hike

After leaving the Wildcat Ski Area parking lot, you will travel south for  on Route 16 obeying all traffic. Hiking poles are recommended but not needed. Traffic on Route 16 will not be stopped so negotiate it as you would if you were a pedestrian. In half a mile you will enter into the Pinkham notch visitor center and follow the well marked signs for the 4.4 mile Tuckerman's Ravine Trail. The pack you will be carrying will have at a minimum.
1. A wind breaker jacket, hat and gloves.
2. A base layer (wicking material, cotton is not recommended) for your upper body (lower body not mandatory but recommended)
3. 36 ounces of liquid
4. A food source of some kind totaling 800 calories.
5. A flashlight or headlamp with fully charged batteries. DO NOT FORGET THIS!
This is a popular trail in the summer and athletes will be sharing it with hundreds of other hikers if the weather is ideal. This is a good thing as traditionally, once the hikers start to understand they are in the middle of a race they become your biggest fans. This is not a super technical trail but it gets steep as you climb the headwall of the ravine half way up. The race is not over until you tag the sign at the top of the Rock Pile at the summit. Race cut off time is 12 hours or 5PM. Please review this  website on the history of Mt. Washington  from a winter standpoint or click here to understand the seriousness of this mountain For safety, we will have experienced hikers sweeping the run course from Wildcat to the summit via Tuckerman's Ravine Trail. They will be there for aid if you need them. The trail is well marked but there are some small side trails along the way. If you take one by mistake you are on your own. This is VERY hard to do so do not fret over it prior to the race. 
6. In a constant effort to make our race as safe as possible, we have independent Ham Radio operators on the mountain.  They are placed at strategic points along the course to keep tabs on the athletes and any issues they may have.
7. Interested in what the finish line looks like in the winter? Check out this amazing link of a drone footage over Mt. Washington.

TRIATHLETE MAGAZINE: Sea to Summit was featured in the October 2016 edition of Triathlete Magazine click HERE for the link.